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Psychology, meet politics
An exploration of the places where our inner and outer worlds collide


We're poised between two futures.

One’s the breakdown scenario. Climate chaos, extinction, scarcity, inequality, tribalism, collapse.

We're all about how we get to the other one: the breakthrough scenario.

A future of safety, restoration, and flourishing, for us and for the world.

Whether we make it there depends primarily on what goes on inside our minds.

Whether we’re able to manage our mental and emotional states, at a moment of extraordinary turbulence.

Whether we react to people who disagree with us with empathy or enmity.

Whether enough of us see ourselves as part of a Larger Us instead of a them-and-us, or an atomised “I”.

Our future depends on collective psychology.

Welcome to the Collective Psychology Project.

We're exploring what happens where politics meets psychology. 

We're helping create a Larger Us rather than a Them-and-Us future.

We're imagining a new kind of activism focused on healing, not victory.

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