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Apocalpyse, Restoration and Emergence: Three Myths to Help Us Navigate a Crisis

Alex Evans in Open Democracy on how the shared stories we use to make sense of the world become even more important in a pandemic.

June 2020

Some Leaders Are Using COVID-19 to Build a Better Future. Others Are Using it as a Weapon

We're in this piece talking about how COVID-19 could result in either a breakthrough or a breakdown outcome depending on what happens inside our minds.

May 2020

28 Days Later

Long read by Matthew d'Ancona exploring the apocalyptic nature of COVID-19 and quoting our work.

April 2020

Building Trust, Confidence and Collective Action in the Age of COVID-19

Alex Evans and David Steven in World Politics Review on the difference between a Larger Us and a Them-and-Us approach to the pandemic.

April 2020

The Collective Psychology of Coronavirus

Alex Evans in Open Democracy on ways of looking at the pandemic through a collective psychology lens.

March 2020

This election, religion has returned to the political stage

CPP gets a mention in this FT piece by Elizabeth Oldfield on how religion played a part in the 2019 UK general election campaign.

November 2019

Politics, Meet Psychology

Alex Evans in Open Democracy on how our inner and outer crises are two sides of the same coin.

June 2019

A Future World: Climate change and mental health

We're quoted in this Dazed piece by Anna Cafolla on the growing trend of climate grief.

May 2019

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