Political rage should be treated like PTSD

What if we stopped thinking about polarisation as a political issue and thought about it as one of psychology and public health? I started wondering about this while working as a campaign director at Avaaz.org, the 47-million-member global citizens’ movement. Part of my job was to run Avaaz’s Brexit campaign, where my brief was simple: […]

What kinds of personal transformation help to drive system transformation?

What kinds of personal transformation help to drive whole system transformation? That was just one of the questions explored at a fascinating event hosted by Perspectiva earlier this week – if you don’t know them they’re really worth checking out, especially their great project on Beyond Activism. It’s a really good question, relevant not only […]

We must learn to grieve our planet before we can save it

It’s a week since the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change told the world that we have just 12 years to avoid a catastrophic climate breakdown. You’d think we’d be discussing little else. But we’re not. On the morning of the IPCC report’s publication, only two British papers put the story on their front page – […]

The Myth Gap: how to navigate a world of ‘post-truth’ politics

Today’s ‘post-truth’ politics make for challenging times for those of us who think that public policy should be based on real data, science, and empirical evidence. Clearly, we shouldn’t abandon the facts, even if our opponents are doing so. Yet we do need to learn from our opponents – above all their adeptness at telling […]