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Our world is broken.

Our climate is sliding out of control. We’re living in a mass extinction event. Our economy rewards the rich. Our politics is getting steadily more polarised and authoritarian.

We’re broken too.

We’re in an epidemic of depression and anxiety, obesity and opiate addiction. Suicide and self-harm are spiking. One in five of us is on medication for psychiatric problems.

These aren’t parallel trends: they’re two sides of the same coin.

We used to think depression and anxiety were just about brain chemistry; now, we’re realising they’re a response to the world we live in - and that democracy can only work if enough of us can stay untriggered, feel empathy, share a sense of common identity and purpose.

We need to address inner and outer. Together.

Our internal and external crises are reinforcing and amplifying each other. It’s a moment of acute instability with a risk of catastrophic breakdown – but also the possibility of breakthrough if we rise, together.

Healing the world means healing ourselves.

So that we feel safe instead of threatened. Connected instead of alone. Appreciated instead of unworthy. Proud instead of shamed. Powerful instead of paralysed. Purposeful instead of empty.

Healing ourselves means healing the world.

Because addressing our inner wounds just isn't enough unless we're also healing the wounds in the world around us: the disconnection, injustice, competition and fear.

We want to bring psychology and politics together to help us become a Larger Us instead of a Them-and-Us.

Our dream is to help create a new generation of activists who see success in terms of healing, not just victory - and who are able to do both the inner and outer work needed to make that happen.

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